Here we go!

Ended up getting to the hotel in Barcelona, Spain yesterday at about 10am.  The first few hours we just kicked back and walked around campus a bit to get a feel for everything. It was cool getting to know all the different people in the group who come from all over. After dinner, a group of us went into Centro to an Irish Pub to watch the US play Spain. We chilled there for the game and met some interesting people, one of whom was wearing man-thong suspender things (like from Borat). After that, we walked around for a bit until we found this hole in the wall bar (literally, you had to walked through this hole to get to the door which you had to duck under). It was really chill.  About 40 people were inside and there was a guitarist who played while everyone sang along.  When he played U2, the locals knew the song better than any of us Americans (or my roommate who is from Canada). We then had a crazy time on the train with these French tourists, and ended up missing our stop on the last train. It was funny heading back with everyone speaking French, Spanish, and English, and know one really knowing who spoke which languages.  We figured it out though after a while.

Tonight a group of us are going to a Salsa club that stays open until 5:30am, so when I get back I’ll hop on Facebook if anyone wants to chat.